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European Parliament and EU Council Reach Consensus on Energy Conservation Standard for Buildings
Updated Time: [ 09-29-2010 ]

Through negotiation, European Parliament and EU Council have reached consensus on energy conservation standard for buildings: after Dec. 31, 2020, all new buildings should meet the requirements of high energy conservation standard, and a considerable proportion of them must use of renewable energies; public institutions should adopt the new standard by the end of 2018, 2 years ahead of other organizations. The EU shall provide partial fund for the budget for this reform. The EU Council has urged the European Parliament to amend relevant laws and regulations, to require member countries to formulate schemes for the growth of zero energy consumption buildings, and make a list of funds and measures for the transformation of energy conservation standard for buildings before 2011, as well as establish buildings energy efficiency certification and certificate system. The above consensus shall be approved first by EU Council, and then be submitted to the plenary Conference of European Parliament for approval; it will be signed in the beginning of 2010 according to the plan. Then, the EU shall announce the resolution by issuing official document, and all member countries shall have two years of time to formulate and amend their national laws and regulations in accordance with the directives of EU. 

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