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Zhi Shuping, Deputy Director of AQSIQ Took an Inspection to CCIC Europe B.V
Updated Time: [ 07-27-2010 ]

From July 12 to 23, 2010 AQSIQ Deputy Director Zhi Shuping led a delegation on a working visit to Russia, Sweden and the Netherlands. After having finished a visit to and meetings with the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, he paid a special visit to CCIC Europe BV to check the work process, to meet the entire staff and to make an important speech.
Firstly, Deputy Director Zhi Shuping expressed his sympathy to CCIC Europe BV on behalf of the head office of AQSIQ. After listening to the work report of the Vice President of CCIC Europe BV Li Minyan on the company’s running operations and plans for development, Deputy Director Zhi Shuping fully affirmed the company’s work achievements of the current promotion, break through and enhancement. Meanwhile he made three wishes and demands regarding the future work:
1, CCIC Europe BV should study the purpose of the Global General Manager’s Conference of CCIC and should strongly support quality inspection work. The company needs to extract plans for development that are fit to the characteristics of CCIC Europe BV;

2, In accordance with CCIC’s "business expansion strategy and capital expansion strategy," the company is required to be strong in business and strong in power. The company needs to strongly unify, strongly reform, be brave, determined to make progress and continue to strengthen innovation of the independent business ;

3, Study the ability of developed countries to control the market, increase the exchange of information with China, establish brand awareness and promote the brand "made in China". CCIC Europe BV should make use of the overseas advantages and great quality control advantages. The company needs to actively and seriously study local policies as well as laws and regulations, and needs to combine this knowledge with the company’s actual situation to make CCIC Europe BV stronger and bigger.
Amongst others, the meeting was attended by the Business Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands Wu Ming Xin, the Director of the division for International Cooperation of AQSIQ Qi Xiuqin, the Deputy Director of the Animal and Plant Quarantine Supervision Division Lo Hau Lin and the Deputy Commissioner for Food Safety Bureau Lin Wei.
The Counselor of the Dutch Embassy in China, Mr. Gemmeke, and representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture also visited CCIC Europe BV. (CCIC Europe B.V.)

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