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Building CCIC into A Bigger and Stronger Group and A World Famous Brand----CCIC Holds 2011 Global General Managers Meeting
Updated Time: [ 02-25-2011 ]
On Feb. 11 and 12, 2011, China Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC) held its 2011 Global General Managers Meeting in Beijing. Zhi Shuping, Minister of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ), gave a speech on the meeting; Vice Ministers Pu Changcheng, Wei Chuanzhong, Liu Pingjun, Sun Dawei, Members of the Party Leadership Group Wang Wei, Ji Zhengkun and Zhang Qinrong, General Engineer Zhang Gang, General Inspector Xiang Yuzhang attended the meeting; former AQSIQ officials Ge Zhirong, Guo Rubin and Wang Fengqing watched the artistic performance.
Minister Zhi Shuping fully recognized CCIC‘s achievements in 30 years of development in his speech. He expressed that over the past 30 years, CCIC has achieved leap-forward development through a number of reforms, consolidation and reshuffle. CCIC has been an important economic entity for quality inspection cause, a significant force for quality inspection work. Over years, CCIC has been playing a significant role in implementing pre-inspection of imported goods and 3C in coordination of AQSIQ, making contributions to China’s economic and social development as well as national economic safety. Meanwhile, CCIC is also a key information window for quality inspection system of China, a platform for cultivating talents. CCIC’s overseas companies have become offices for China’s quality inspection system, providing solid support for China’s quality inspection work. 
Minister Zhi pointed out that CCIC has accumulated abundant wealth, experience and confidence, while there are still opportunities and challenges ahead. He required that the Group should enhance the sense of mission, sense of hardship and sense of opportunity, be firm and confident to build itself into a bigger and stronger company ranking among world leading inspection companies, a world famous brand with Chinese characteristics.

Minister Zhi stressed that the company itself must work hard and achieve enhancement in an all-round way to become more powerful: Firstly, enhance company governance. Govern and manage the company in a law-pursuant and scientific way. Straighten out governance structure, leadership system and management system, and improve the efficiency of business operation and decision making. For the practices of structural establishment, staff employment, financial management, remuneration distribution, performance evaluation and external PR, there must be laws and regulations to go by, and they must be observed. The policies of the company should be made scientifically. CCIC bears big property, large scale and numerous investing projects, where it is more important that the policies made should be practical, scientific and accurate. It should insist on strict management; enhance strategic planning management; deepen reforms; straighten out management mechanism and system; improve regulations on assets, personnel, financial and business management; enhance supervision and inspection; reinforce execution and governance. Secondly, enhance strategic expansion. It should practice firmly the strategy of business expansion. By taking advantage of the world and China’s industrial structure adjustment and making full use of its tens of thousands of client resources, the company should focus on exploring new business in fields such as energy conservation and emission reduction, environment protection, low carbon, and new energy; improve constantly the company’s marketization level, core competence and risk resistance. It should explore new business growth centering on industrial and regional development strategies developed by the State; participate in international competition deeply, develop domestic and overseas markets side by side, and use domestic and overseas resources in a comprehensive way, so as to expand the market. In the meantime, it should also apply the strategy of capital expansion, accelerating lab construction, service network construction and financing for going public. Thirdly, enhance core competence. It should build a competitive talent team through establishing and improving the mechanism for selecting, using, training and retaining talents; through enhancing training in terms of professional ethnics and expertise, build the team into one with international vision and strong momentum and well suited to the development of the cause. It should improve its technical support system and make it more competitive. Accelerate lab construction, improve testing level, establish research incentive mechanism, and conduct proactive technology research in key fields, providing technical support for inspection and certification. It should improve quality control system with ever-strict standards and reinforced management and supervision, enhancing the quality control level constantly. It should establish competitive brand. Implement brand operation strategy in a speedy manner, integrate brand resources, complete brand operation management system, practicing brand investment and operation in an all-round way. It should improve service level. Consolidate the consciousness of “client first”, pay close attention to their change of needs, innovate service, enrich service content, providing whole-process, one-stop and integrated value-added services to the clients. Fourthly, enhance unity, coordination and cooperation. On one hand, the leadership should set an example to others in promoting unity and harmony inside, implement the system of democratic centralism, and enhance the agglomeration and capability of the leadership, establishing an atmosphere of striving for the common goal in unity and harmony; on the other hand, it should enhance coordination and cooperation with outer organizations including institutions within quality inspection system, departments and commissions of the central government and local governments, involving itself in serving the economic development of local regions.
Minister Zhi also stressed that CCIC’s growth would also need the care and support from the whole system. The system should give supports to the group with regard to straightening out relations, clarifying range of management and limit of authority, standardizing management and fulfilling internal management functions and business construction, fully promoting the development of the Group.
Vice Minister Sun Dawei pointed out in his speech that since the implementation of China’s reform and opening-up policy, CCIC has been developing along with the country and has made great contribution in serving China’s economic construction, promoting China’s trades with the world and maintaining the national economic security. On the basis of thorough analysis of domestic and overseas political and economic situations, Vice Minister Sun required that the Group should center on the “four enhancements”, consolidate belief, and concentrate on the following three points: First, improve modern enterprise system, providing support for the Group’s growth in terms of system. Further emancipate thinking, transform mindset, deepen reforms, innovate mechanism, focus on internal management and improve capability in management and control. Second, transform business mode, providing support for the Group’s growth in terms of strength. Make overall plans and take all factors into consideration. Promote the overall development of three major businesses, the overall development of domestic and overseas companies as well as the overall development of quality, speed and benefit. Urge structure adjustment and achieve “four transformations”, i.e. to transform the business pattern from mainly authority-oriented to market-oriented; to transform the operation mode from the main traditional inspection and certification business to M&A and capital operation; to transform the business source from the resources of the quality control system to social resources; to transform the business drive from human and resources input to technology and innovation. Third, build a high-quality talent team, providing support for the Group’s growth in terms of talents. Lay emphasis on building “three excellent teams”: a leadership team, a marketing team and a technical team. Step up efforts in creating “three atmospheres”: competition, innovation and harmony. In the conclusion of his speech, Sun hoped that every employee of the Group, especially the managerial personnel could exert the spirit of being high responsible, self-disciplined, and striving for the best, contributing themselves in realizing the blueprint of the Group. 
Liu Shengming, Chairman of CCIC summarized the achievements the Group made in 2010 and analyzed the challenges and opportunities the Group faces ahead. He required that the following must be practiced well in 2011: First, lay emphasis on quality and promote business. Constantly improve service quality, and consolidate traditional business fields; perfect management and control system, guaranteeing work quality; enhance market R&D, exploring new business; advance market interaction, exerting network effect; accelerate brand construction, enhancing brand propaganda and promotion. Second, seize opportunities and promote growth. Seize the opportunities in the development of the emerging industries to explore new business fields; seize the opportunities in the nation’s key strategic layout to seek cut-in point for business; seize the opportunities in the transformation of government functions to lead government consumption; seize the opportunities in global rapidly increasing demands for quality to step up for overseas market. Third, focus on investment and promote expansion. Participate in quality inspection system’s lab reform, speeding up M&A of labs; involve itself in construction of technology incubator base and public inspection platform, stepping up financing for going public. Fourth, conduct reforms and promote development. Straighten out management system, optimize organizational structure, standardize and perfect remuneration distribution system, enhance performance assessment, and take reform in bonus distribution system of domestic companies. Fifth, concentrate on management and improve efficiency. Enhance strategic planning management, perfect operation management mechanism, and intensify informatized management. Sixth, pay attention to team construction and achieve harmony. Reinforce talent team construction and continuously enhance the construction of the Party and corporate culture. Chairman Liu Shengming also required all the members of the company to make all efforts in work, communicate with each other in a timely manner, and implement work plans in compliance with regulations and disciplines.  
CEO Meng Qingfa pointed out in conclusion that leaders from AQSIQ and Certification and Accreditation Administration of P.R.C. (CNCA) have laid great importance on this meeting, which features high level, large scale, clear theme, practical content and remarkable results. He stressed that the staff of the system should act quickly to implement the spirit of the meeting, working in combination with the reality to gain practical effects. He also put forward five requirements with respect to the work of this year. First, transform idea, clarify responsibilities and seek for innovation. Second, consolidate market, seize opportunity and expand business. Third, lay emphasis on quality, ensure safety and strictly practice investigation and punishment. Fourth, construct network, promote interaction and exert advantages. Fifth, enhance management, explore potential and lay firm foundations.
On the meeting, Secretary Zhu Junmin read the CCIC’s Decision on Honoring Excellent Units and Employees of 2010. Forty-four institutions and 106 employees with excellent performances in 2010 were honored and rewarded thereafter. The attendants studied the spirits of work meetings of AQSIQ and CNCA, and the spirits of leaders’ speeches on 2011 Global General Managers Meeting, and exchanged views. Main leaders of the Group also had discussion with leaders of local offices of AQSIQ. A celebrating event to mark the 30 anniversary of the establishment of the group and a performance were also held in the duration of the meeting.
Officials from CNCA, National Standards Commission, departments and offices of AQSIQ, institutions directly under them, local entry & exit inspection and quarantine bureaus; leaders of CCIC including Che Yougao, Wang Kejiao, Liu Changsheng, Li Jingmin, Lu Mei; client representatives, shareholder representatives, directors, supervisors of CCIC; officials from share-holding company and joint stock companies; heads of CCIC’s platforms, domestic and overseas companies, offices, Certification Center and its sub-centers and common staff of the group, a total of nearly 400 people, also attended the meeting.
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