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Joint Working Group for Internet of Things Standards Established
Updated Time: [ 04-09-2010 ]

The preparatory meeting for the establishment of Joint Working Group for China’s Internet of Things Standards took place recently in Beijing. The working group aims to integrate domestic standardization resources relating to Internet of Things, unite all parties engaged in the industry to jointly conduct researches on Internet of Things technologies, energetically push forward the standardization of Internet of Things, accelerate the formulation of Internet of Things technical standards in line which China’s development requirements, and provide all-round technical and standardization services and supports to government agencies for policy-making in developing Internet of Things.

Zhang Qi, joint working group leader and deputy director of the Electronics Technology Committee under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced that the working group will persist in a standard strategy combining independent innovation and open adoption of the compatible, and speed up the construction of a national standard system for Internet of Things and the formulation of relevant national standards. Meanwhile, it will vigorously participate in the formulation of relevant international standards, so as to grip the initiative for development.

In recently years, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry of Information Technology have offered supports to a batch of RFID, sensor network and intelligent sensor projects; the Golden Card project has also initiated a batch of pilot projects for the industrial (regional) application of RFID. However, most of application projects focus mainly on closed loop application, and the large-scale applications are still in preliminary stage. Last August, premier Wen brought forward the concept of “Perceiving China” during an inspection to Wuxi, which marks that the attention paid and supports offered by Chinese government to the industry of Internet of Things have been lifted to the height of state strategy.

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