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A Delegation of Vinacontrol Co. in Vietnam Headed by Board Chairman Bui Duy Chinh Visits CCIC
Updated Time: [ 04-19-2010 ]

On April 12, 2010, an 8-person delegation of Vinacontrol Co. from Vietnam headed by Board Chairman Bui Duy Chinh paid China Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC) a visit, where both sides exchanged the ideas on market information and customer demands concerning import and export goods inspection between China and Vietnam. Meng Qingfa, President of CCIC, and Wu Xiaolong, Vice General Manager of China Certification and Inspection Group Inspection Co., Ltd (CCIC-Inspection) attended the meeting.

In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, President Meng Qingfa, on behalf of CCIC, firstly extended his welcome to Chairman Bui Duy Chinh and other guests, and gave his assent to the cooperation in respect of commercial entrustment inspection, personnel training and information exchanges, etc., which are put forward by Vinacontrol. After the meeting, both sides signed the meeting memo, laying a solid foundation for reaching formal cooperation agreement therebetween. Additionally, the delegation will pay CCIC Shanghai Co., Ltd and CCIC Guangdong Co., Ltd a visit respectively.

It is known that Vinacontrol Co. is the largest inspection and certificate institution in Vietnam. Headquartered in Hanoi, its predecessor was the import and export commodity inspection bureau in Vietnam, then transformed into a listed inspection company in Vietnam. Its business covers all major ports in Vietnam, and a complete variety of commodities. Vinacontrol Co. realized a business turnover of 162.8 billion VND (about RMB 59.6 million), and a profit of 28.5 billion VND (about RMB 10.45 million) in 2009. (CCIC-Testing)

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