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Seizing Opportunity, Deepening Reform and Persisting in Innovation to Realize Better and Quicker Development of CCIC -
Updated Time: [ 08-03-2009 ]

China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC) held summary meeting for the first half of 2009 on July 30, 2009. At the meeting, CCIC learned and conveyed the spirits of the national quality inspection system’s summary meeting for the first half of 2009, and the summary and quality analysis meeting of Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA) for the first half of 2009, reviewed and summarized various work of CCIC in the first half-year, and made overall action plan for the second half of 2009. Liu Shengming, Board Chairman of CCIC, delivered a working report on behalf of CCIC leadership group. President Meng Qingfa presided over the meeting; Che Yougao, Chairman of Supervisory Committee, Vice Presidents Wang Kejiao and Liu Changsheng, and CFO Li Jingmin also attended the meeting.

The meeting at first conveyed the spirits of the national quality inspection system’s summary meeting for the first half of 2009 and the summary and quality analysis meeting of CNCA for the first half of 2009. It was pointed out at the meeting that the system of quality inspection acts as an important authority servicing the whole society and economy, and CCIC serving as an important supplement to the system of quality inspection is an enterprise engaging in market activities. Therefore, all units of CCIC should convey the meeting spirits to every department and staff, so as to make them clear about the whole system of quality inspection, including the action plans and requirements of CNCA for the second half of 2009 and the work that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ) and the CNCA placed emphasis on. Furthermore, combining with the company’s realities, CCIC will, under the unified leadership of CCIC, seriously carry through the spirits of Minister Wang Yong and Director Sun Dawei’s speeches, as well as all requirements of AQSIQ and CNCA, so as to provide better services in the industry of quality inspection and better serve economic development. At the same time, CCIC should take advantage of favorable policies issued by China which are beneficial to the development of inspection and certification to attach greater importance to quality safety, serve foreign trade, farmers, rural areas, and agriculture production, vigorously reinforce infrastructure construction, and actively promote energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to promote the better and quicker development of CCIC.

In his working report, Board Chairman Liu Shengming, first reviewed CCIC’s work in the first half of 2009 - issued and implemented the overall plan of strategic development, modified and perfected managerial regulations and systems; actively responded to the severe global economic downturn, strengthened cooperation with the governments agencies, large enterprises, and international organizations, actively pushed forward the establishment of market-linked and network-interactive mechanism, and maintained and promoted growth and development based on the developing ideas; took the golden opportunity of- “quality and safety year” to attach greater importance to quality management and control; strengthened the internal construction of talent team, internal management and service level, Party building, and combating corruption, to further lay the foundation of development. Liu Shengming pointed out that, when facing such stern foreign and domestic economic environment, the rapid growth as a whole realized by CCIC results from the common concerted efforts and the unified struggles of all staff and the leadership groups at all levels in CCIC. He expressed sincere gratitude to all staff of CCIC for their efforts and achievements on the behalf of the leadership of CCIC.

When analyzing current situations and existing problems, Liu Shengming pointed out that the situations and risks encountered by CCIC are still stern, internal reform within CCIC is required to be further deepened, and the management and efficiency of CCIC are in need of improvement. He made the action plan for the work in next half of 2009 in combination with the spirits of the national quality inspection system’s summary meeting for the first half of 2009 and the summary and quality analysis meeting of CNCA for the first half of 2009; CCIC should fulfill step by step the tasks listed for the year of 2009, and the rectification plan for the scientific outlook on development in the second half, and should make a check at the end of the year. At the same time, CCIC should focus on ten working tasks: strengthening the planning management and construction of system; further deepening reform, and straightening out management system and mechanism; vigorously exploiting the market by all means; completely improving the work quality based on the opportunity of “quality and safety year”; strengthening the unified coordination and market linkage of CCIC; accelerating the pace of institutional merger and lab construction; accelerating the pace of informatization construction; continuing to make great efforts to the construction of talent teams, Party building, and the practical construction of a fine Party culture and keeping its organizations clean. Liu Shengming said that the “48-Chinese-character” operational policy, “expanding expenditure for business to maintain development speed; decreasing in management cost and increasing in development cost; adding to project input to sustain future momentum of development; making innovations in system and mechanism to strengthen the driving force for development”, is required to be adhered to in the second half, even in the coming several years. At the same time, CCIC will implement two expanding strategies - one is the strategy of expanding business, i.e. CCIC should make all-out efforts, surrounding the concept of “quality first”, to participate in any business in need of providing quality services, and actively expand the operational fields; the other is the strategy of expanding investments, i.e. CCIC will rely mainly on lab and new businesses, supplemented by the merger of other entities in the same industry, in the form of capital and assets, to realize the expansion by such means as acquisition, merger, leasing, contract, brand management. For any entity which is willing to use the brand and certificate of CCIC and accepts the rules for quality control of CCIC, the quality management is controlled, and expanding strategies in all forms are permitted to be carried out. Liu Shengming required all staff to make concerted efforts, proceed with confidence, and make innovations with pioneering spirits, so as to endeavor to achieve the great target of forging CCIC into “China’s No.1 with international fame”.

President Meng Qingfa put forward four points of requirements for the second half-year in the summary speech: Firstly, to ensure the completion of all operational targets. All units and departments should really fulfill CCIC’s “48-Chinese-character” operational policy, two strategies for expansion, and working priorities into actual work. Secondly, to improve internal management; CCIC should further comb working procedures, perfect regulations and systems, straighten out mechanism and system, and strengthen the control over management and operation of domestic and oversea companies, to increasingly improve the management and control, and upgrade the operational level through improvements in management. Thirdly, making new breakthrough in the exploitation of business; CCIC should rely on the influence of its brand and special relations within the country, dare to make innovations and trial, to actively exploit new business fields. Fourthly, to strengthen the technical support ability; CCIC should accelerate the processes in accordance with the action plan made by Board Chairman Liu Shengming. Finally, President Meng Qingfa required all units and departments in CCIC to seriously organize to learn and deeply taste and implement the spirits of Board Chairman Liu Shengming’ speeches, in combination the general strategies and development planning, the current situations and local/corporate realities, and pay attention to implementation, so as to accomplish all working tasks of CCIC for the year of 2009. 

Present at the meeting were also managerial personnel at middle level or above from the China Certification & Inspection Group Inspection Co., Ltd. (CCIC-Inspection), China Quality Certification Center (CQC), China Certification & Inspection Group Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (CCIC-Testing), Anlilong Company, Property Management Company , as well as all staff of CCIC, totaling about 120 persons.

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