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Building Great Brand and Taking the Lead in International Market
Updated Time: [ 01-30-2010 ]

On February 16, 2009, Wang Yong, Director of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ) drew the blueprint for the development of China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC) to become “the first in China and well known in the world”, and to rank top five in the world inspection and certification industry in ten years.

For the purpose of realizing the above blueprint as soon as possible, Sun Dawei, Director of Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) put forward the working requirements of “strengthening confidence and laying emphasis on implementation” to the whole CCIC.

Since then on, in order to achieve leap-forward development of CCIC, and better serve China’s economic development, CCIC, with more than 30 years of history, continued to go on the path of reform and development, implementing the two strategies of business expansion and capital expansion with unremitting efforts, and stepped up efforts in shaping the flagship of China’s inspection and certification industry.

In March 2007, in order to adapt to the new era of opening-up China’s inspection and certification market, AQSIQ conducted restructuring and reform to former China’s CCIC and China Quality Certificate Center (CQC). After optimizating resources and combining similar business, the new CCIC was formed and with the aim of ranking top five in the world inspection and certification industry in ten years.

Under the leadership of AQSIQ, with the support of CNCA and with the cooperation and assistance of local quality inspection systems and clients from home and abroad, CCIC, whose establishment was approved by the State Council, has the duty to China’s economic development and to popularize the brands of CCIC and CQC. It has become a transnational inspection and certification organization specializing in inspection, verification, certification and testing, which is quite influential in the domestic market and famous in the world.

Leap-forward development has been achieved and comprehensive power constantly enhanced.

CCIC pays high attention to work quality and service. There are three specialized companies under CCIC, namely the China Certification and Inspection Group Inspection Co., Ltd (CCIC-Inspection), China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) and China Certification and Inspection Group Testing Technology Co., Ltd (CCIC-Testing) which conduct the business of inspection & verification, certification, testing & management respectively. In China, CCIC holds 43 subsidiaries of first level and 160 subsidiaries of second level, as well as 5 joint ventures. Outside China, CCIC holds 27 subsidiaries of first level and representative offices and 9 overseas branches of second level. Forty-two labs, 39 in and 3 outside China, fully, partially or jointly funded by CCIC, have been constructed and some other labs are under construction. With powerful strength, CCIC has become the largest inspection and certification institution in China.

CCIC has its operation and business network spreading over import industrial areas, ports, cities and goods collecting and distributing centers all around the world, providing one-stop and comprehensive service of inspection and verification, certification and testing to clients in the world. Despite the achievements it has got, CCIC is not satisfied with itself. It sticks to the principles of service-oriented and quality first, and focuses on the requirements of clients in order to improve work efficiency and service level. For several years, CCIC has been increasing investment in information construction, improving networked inspection, verification and certification management system. Especially in the field of certification service system, CCIC has realized full business, whole process and whole information management. CCIC takes quality as the lifeline of its inspection and certification work, and has built a quality management system for inspection and certification work on the principles of “integrity, justice and independence”, which has been examined and recognized by many international organizations and domestic experts.

CCIC attaches great importance to improving technological content in inspection and certification and its scientific research level. Up to now, CCIC has conducted more than 40 research projects initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, AQSIQ, CNCA, Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China, etc. and published 20 research works. Achievements of 7 projects among the 40 projects have won the Scientific Research Prize of provincial and ministerial level. CCIC and its attached institution have obtained great concern and support from relevant departments and international organizations with its increasing scientific research power, industrial influence and international position. In order to respond to the RoHS and WEEE directives of EU, with the approval of Standardization Administration, National Technical Committee 297 on Environmental Standardization for Electrical and Electronic Products and Systems of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC297) sets its secretariat in CQC. CCIC takes the lead in organizing the formulation of over 10 national standards. More than ten experts from CCIC participate in the work of special commission of AQSIQ and CNCA. The Ministry of Commerce approved CQC to be the export commodity and technology service center to help domestic enterprises to understand international rules and to advance international trade.

CCIC has constantly strengthened the talent cultivation and team building, focusing on system construction and innovation. In terms of internal management, CCIC holds on the principles of “setting a position based on responsibilities, determining wage based on position, selecting staff through competition, and paying based on performance”. In addition, it adopts performance assessment mechanism centered with position target and the vigorous employment mechanism of being able to go in and out, as well as up and down, to mobilize the working enthusiasm of staff to the maximum. Meanwhile, CCIC enhances staff training to improve the overall quality of CCIC. In CCIC, there are several senior engineers who receive special subsidy from the government and are titled Young Expert for their extraordinary contribution to AQSIQ; more than ten experts have been recommended to relevant technical committees of AQSIQ and CNCA; tens of experts have become international peer reviewers of IECEE and IQNet.

Over the past 30 years, especially since the restructuring and reform in 2003, CCIC has made great progress. Its operational income and total capital amount in 2009 were respectively six times and eight times as much as those in 2002 at above 30% annual average rate of growth. Anyhow, CCIC has been holding the Scientific Outlook on Development, striving to make progress and has achieved leap-forward development while serving the national economic development. It has become the first-class inspection and certification institution the world with comprehensive business scope, wide service network, new working idea, strong technical strength and high quality staff.

Exchange and cooperation has been strengthened and international development deepened.

In order to be significant, China’s inspection and certification institutions need to not only hold an important position in domestic market, but also have a place in international market. For this purpose, CCIC insists on the way of “inviting the international organizations in and going out to the world” in order to enhance the width and depth of international communication and cooperation.

CCIC has set up 34 branches outside China, responsible for pre-shipment inspection of import goods and business expansion in overseas market, which conduct networked interaction with domestic companies. CCIC is a member of GAFTA and China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP) - Chinese Council of IFPSM, and a registered supplier of UNPD. CQC is a formal member of National Certification Body (NCB) of IECEE and IQNet. The certificates of CB, ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSMS18000 issued by CQC are accepted by other member bodies of the above organizations. CQC is also a formal member of IFOAM, CITA and ANF.

Meanwhile, CCIC has established cooperative partnership with 120 inspection and certification bodies in more than 60 countries and regions including US, France, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc. Moreover, CCIC has signed several inspection and certification cooperation agreements with bodies such as UL in US, ASTA-BEAB in UK, TuV Rheinlandin, TUV SUD Group and VDE in Germany, Jet and JQA in Japan on entrusting factory inspection or being business agent of the other party.

The internationalization pace of CCIC is gaining speed. CCIC Kenya Office has finished registration in Nairobi - capital of Kenya; meanwhile, CCIC is preparing to set up AFIA and conducting research on the feasibility of setting up intermediate holding companies in EU and setting up branches in Taiwan.

Through the above approaches, China’s inspection and certification institutions’ participation in the world stage and their influence over the world market has been further enhanced.

The market has been expanded and the ability to serve China’s economy improved.

As an officially designated body to inspect China’s import waste materials and used mechanical and electrical products, and to take China’s Compulsory Commodity Certification, and insisting on the “greater quality”, CCIC takes the activity of “Year of Quality and Safety” as an opportunity, to carry out the strategy of “Quality Rejuvenation, and Win with Quality”. CCIC’s cooperation with government and large enterprises as well as international organizations has been deepened. CCIC has taken new measures in serving China, the society and clients, explored new business field in both domestic and international market, and its ability to serve China’s economic development has been largely improved.

In respect of inspection and verification, CCIC’s business has been increasing with average annual growth rate of 15%. In 2009, CCIC conducted pre-shipment inspection to 1.764 million containers and 41.24 million tons of import waste materials, as well as 405.6 thousand pieces/sets of import used mechanical and electrical products in 5,028 batches. The failure rate of used mechanical and electrical products inspected based on goods value (can be treated technically) reached 88% and 100% are qualified in arrival inspection. The failure rate of waste material for pre-shipment inspection was 0.11%. Altogether, 744 pieces/sets of used mechanical and electrical products in 109 batches, 4,284 containers as well as 159.6 thousand tons of unqualified waste materials were rejected.

CCIC is not just satisfied with the above stable businesses, but continues to explore market-oriented businesses and has achieved fruits in consumer goods, industrial goods and agricultural goods inspection. It won the biddings to provide licensed product quality supervision service for the 29th Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo, to monitor and supervise the first phase and second phase of electrolytic aluminum equipment project in Kazakhstan, and to monitor the gas and oil equipment project of Shell in China; it successfully expanded the businesses to goods inspection, and supermarket suppliers appraisal; gained shipment inspection business from Kenya State Standard Bureau, as well as the pre-shipment inspection to import waste materials, and goods and shoes inspection in Indonesia. CCIC strengthens cooperation with enterprises like Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, FMG Group in Australia, Sinochem Group, China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (CPIC),Ping’an of China, Taiping General Insurance Co., Ltd., etc., and has gained the qualification to conduct cross-check of import non-ferrous metal futures and steel futures in Shanghai Futures Exchange and has been assigned as the quality inspection body for new futures type - PVC by Dalian Commodity Exchange.

In respect of certification, as to the end of 2009, CCIC has issued 400 thousand CCC certificates to more than 50 thousand enterprises from more than 60 countries, ensuring the successful implementation of China’s compulsory commodity certification system.

Meanwhile, CCIC centers on China’s economic and social development and conducts voluntary commodity certification and management system certification, receiving positive effects as well. CCIC’s energy-saving product certification has been recognized as a quality of projects with state subsidies under Efficient Lighting Initiative. CQC’s energy-saving product certification has also been recognized as a quality of energy-saving products listed in government procurement list issued by Ministry of Finance (MOF) and National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). In addition, CCIC also holds the certification work for the energy-saving products –highly efficient electrical machines and energy-saving air conditioners enjoying the subsidies from MOF and NDRC, as well as other policy research work on energy-saving technology. CCIC has been qualified to be a DOE of Executive Board in UN CDM and gained VCS qualification. It has passed the examination and gained the approval of Japan’s PSE and become its business entity with full authority.

CQC has issued 60 thousand certificates in the fields concerning safety, quality, energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection, ecological conservation and energy utilization, including CQC Mark certificate, CB, CE and RoHS, CDM, IP certificate, China GAP, organic product certificate, energy conservation product certificate, etc. and issued over 45 thousand management system certificates to high-end clients, which show the vitality and effect of certification.

In respect of testing, CCIC set up CCIC-Testing in November 2007, which is responsible for the construction and management of CCIC’s labs. Now, this company has begun the selection of, preliminary negotiation and feasibility research on the acquisition of target labs. The Suzhou Electrical Institution project has been finished. The purchase of other projects is undergoing. It is now organizing its relevant companies to conduct lab construction and carry out test business.

Enterprise culture construction has been laid emphasis on to increase the dynamic for development.

CCIC is highly concerned with culture construction, Party construction and team building, attaches equal importance to both physical civilization and spiritual civilization construction. CCIC takes the reform and integration as an opportunity, constructs a happy, united and harmonious work atmosphere and provides various platforms for learning, communication and exchange of views for staff, which increases the cohesiveness of enterprise and adds vitality and dynamic to the development of CCIC.

The construction of spiritual civilization in CCIC is not homiletic, but to give influence to staff through all kinds of activities and make spiritual civilization a conscious behavior of the staff. The activities such as admission oath ceremony of new party members, visiting Xibaipo - a revolutionary place, annual advanced Party branch and excellent party members appraisal, visiting the exhibition themed "Tibet: Past and Present", donating for poor mother, and planting trees in spring all left deep impression to staff.

More important, at the moment when the disaster-hit areas and groups need help, CCIC would take the spirit of “When disaster struck, help came from all sides”, and send supports there, which is of educational significance to the staff. When Wenchuan earth quake took place in 2008, under the call of CCIC, all staff working in Beijing donated more than 500 thousand Yuan to the disaster-hit area. During the national activities such as the holding of Beijing Olympic Games and commemorating the 30 anniversary of reform and opening-up, CCIC took a series of effective measures, arranged staff well in the organization and safety guarantee of all inspection and certification work.

CCIC also conducts the activities of striving to be an “Advanced Unit of Central State Organs on Spiritual Civilization Construction”, “Youth Civilization Unit” and “Position Expert”. CQC has won the title of “Advanced Unit of Central State Organs on Spiritual Civilization Construction” for six consecutive years. One collective of CCIC won the title of National Youth Civilization Unit, two collectives won the title of “Youth Civilization Unit of Central State Organs”, and 7 won the title of Youth Civilization Unit of provincial and ministerial level.

Now CCIC is standing on a new starting point for development. According to the requirements of new situations and new tasks, and along the direction and path defined by Party Groups of AQSIQ and CNCA, CCIC has made a “Ten Year Overall Development Strategy Planning”. It will carry out operation with the development concept of “one goal, two strategies, four steps, fourteen measures and forty-eight-word policy”. To be specific, one goal: first in China and famous in the world; two expansion strategies: business expansion strategy and capital expansion strategy; four steps: deepening reform, integrating resources, accumulating capital and international expansion; fourteen measures including innovative management, accelerating acquisition and capital operation; and forty-eight-Chinese-character policy: expanding expenditure for business to maintain development speed; decreasing in management cost and increasing in development cost; adding to project input to sustain future momentum of development; making innovations in system and mechanism to strengthen the driving force for development”. CCIC will take every chance to constantly improve the effectiveness, authority, justice and service of inspection and certification work. We will strengthen management, expand market and participate in international competition; construct the two brands of CCIC and CQC, and strive to become the leader in the world inspection and certification industry, making greater contribution to China’s economic development.

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