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CCIC Ningbo Co., Ltd Holds “Flying Youth and Loving My CCIC” Oration Contest
Updated Time: [ 07-31-2007 ]

The oration contest titiled “flying youth and loving my CCIC” was held by the Youth League branch of China Certification and Inspection Group Ningbo Co., Ltd (CCIC Ningbo Co., Ltd) in the afternoon of July 26. Zhao Lizhu, Chief of the Disciplinary Inspection Group of Ningbo Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Li Haiyan, General Manager of Ningbo Co., Ltd, Deputy General Managers Chen Jianhua and Lijun, were also present at the activity.

In the contest, contenders paid tributes to the full enthusiasm and interpreted the limitless affection to CCIC undertakings as a youth league member with wise and exciting words, and expressed their feeling of cherishing posts and devoting wholeheartedly to work, with various themes such as “the youth with flaming affection”, “growing in the sunshine and travelling with wind and rain ”, “I am proud that I am the man of CCIC CCIC Ningbo Co., Ltd”, “creating youth with persistence and dream”, “surmounting commonplace and creating success”. All audiences were overwhelmed by their dialectic thoughts, sincere emotion and sonorous oaths. The contest was filled with hot atmosphere and continuous claps. 

Through drastic competition and the judges’ serous evaluation, Gu Yuan from the Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjustors Company was awarded the first prize, Yuan Jia from Zhenhai Branch was awarded the second prize, and Cheng Lei from the 3C Mark Issuance Center was awarded the third prize.   

Finally, Zhao Lizhu, Chief of Disciplinary Inspection Group of Ningbo Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, made a summary of the competition. She expressed that, the successfully holding of the contest will no doubt push forward the construction of CCIC Ningbo Co., Ltd’s corporate culture, and promote the sound development tendency of whole CCIC. Everyone in CCIC will try their best to build the first-rank spirits of CCIC and inherit the excellent culture of CCIC, so as to create a splendid future for the better development of CCIC.

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