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Metals & Minerals
Updated Time: [ 09-21-2010 ]

Products covered:
Energy sources products ( coal, coke, etc.);
Metal Concentrate ( copper concentrate, lead concentrate, zinc concentrate, etc.);
Metallic minerals ( iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore, titanium ore, etc.);
Rare metal ore ( columbium, beryllium, lithium, germanium, indium, gallium, etc.);
Metal materials ( steel, pig iron, coarse copper, zinc ingot, tin ingot, nickel, etc.);
Electrolyzed metal ( electrolytic copper, electrolytic manganese, etc. );
Nonmetal ( cement, lime, etc.);
Alloy ( ferro silicon, manganese silicon, chromite, ilmenite, ferro phosphrous, etc.);
Non-metallic minerals ( rock phosphate, silicon metallic, bauxite, yellow phosphate, barite, bauxite, carborundum, limestone, graphite, etc.);

Scope of service:
Weight survey ( draft survey, weight by scale );
Sampling and sample preparation;
Quality inspection;
Moisture determination;
Visual inspection;
Suitability of transportation utilities;
Loading and unloading supervision;
Loss assessment;
Contract consultant.


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