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Agricultural products
Updated Time: [ 09-21-2010 ]

Cereals ( corn, barley, wheat, etc.);
Legumes ( soy bean, mung bean, etc.);
Oil & fat, oil bearing materials ( vegetable oil, sunflower, sesame, peanut, etc.);
Feedstuff ( soybean meal, etc.);
Livestock products.

Scope of service:
Sample drawing, sample preparation & sample sealing;
Survey of quantity/weight/quality;
Packing and marking;
Loading and unloading supervision;
Loss assessment;
Sensory test;
Physical test;
Microbiological test;
Chemical test;
Heavy metals;
Food additives;
Pesticide residue;
Poisonous heavy metals;
Radioactivity index;
Veterinary drug residue;
Futures’ inspection on agricultural products.

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