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Updated Time: [ 09-21-2010 ]

Products covered:
Crude oil;
Petroleum products ( naphtha, gasoline, diesel oil, fuel oil, kerosene, jet-fuel );
By-products ( lubricant, solvent naphtha, heavy oil, asphalt, paraffin, petroleum coke );
Inorganic chemical products ( sulphur acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphate acid, alkali, etc. );
Organic chemical products ( toluene, methanol, ethyl benzene, glycol, butadiene, glycerin、acrylic acid, oxalic acid, etc. );
Fertilizer ( diammonium phosphate, urea, potassium fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc. ).

Scope of service:
Weight survey ( ullage survey, metering survey, weighing by scale);
Sampling and sample preparation;
Quality inspection;
Tank cleanliness inspection;
Loss assessment;
Stock inventory;
Loading and unloading supervision;
Contract consultant.

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