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Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
Updated Time: [ 09-21-2010 ]

Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) is a statutory commodity verification service for imported goods, which is done in compliance with WTO requirements and frameworks since 1960s.Generally, one or couples of multinational authorities are appointed by the government of importing countries to carry out compulsory pre-shipment inspection for the imported goods with the aim to avoid illegal activities, such as arbitrage, tax avoidance etc. Moreover, the buyers take advantage of the clean report of findings (CRF) as one of the effectual warrants issued by the appointed multinational authorities for foreign exchange payment, customs clearance and duty collection.

Scope of service:
Quality inspection  
Quantity/Weight inspection
Packing, shipping-mark & label inspection
Sanitation/security inspection
Loading Supervision
Price comparison
Customs Tariff Classification

In order to promote exported commodity entering countries requiring PSI of imports smoothly, CCIC has signed entrustment inspection agreements with COTECNA, OMIC, BV, ITS to perform pre-shipment inspection for commodity that export to countries requiring PSI .
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